Friday, May 3, 2013

Parent Practicum 2013!

Communities all over the nation will host 3-day Parent Practicums this summer!  

Every summer, CC offers themed Practicums.  This years theme will be "The Art of Mathematics - Returning to Roots & Reason."

Parents attend to deepen their understanding and application of the classical tools of learning.   In the afternoons, while parents continue to learn more about the CC program and receive practical help in their homeschooling journey, contracted tutors to go their classes  get specialized training to prepare them for the coming year.  Children are also welcome to attend Practicum.  For a very reasonable fee, they may attend children's camps with trained camp leaders.  There is no cost for adults attending Practicum.  The spouses of the homeschooling parents are also invited to attend.

The following video gives an overview of Classical Conversation's Practicums this year.



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Our Local Practicum will be in July, in Tuscola. 

Location:  United Methodist Church, 901 North Prairie Ave., Tuscola, IL 61953
Dates:  July 15,16, 17
Time: 9am - 4pm

Parents:  attend for free
Ann Birchenough will be our main speaker.   She will be talking about classical education all three days - what it is, what it looks like at different ages, how to do it at home. 

Ann will also be talking about math - why many people are afraid of math, math as an obstacle to homeschooling through high school, how to get over your fear of math.

There will be lots of encouragement - you can teach your child, you can teach math!  CC is about equipping parents to teach their kids.  Come to get that "shot in the arm" and get energized about the coming year!

Infant Camp $39
for 0–2 years
Play Camp $35
for 3–5 years
Young children in play camp will enjoy music, games, arts and crafts, stories, and outdoor play.

GeoDraw Camp $35
for 6–8 years
In GeoDraw Camp, students start by learning the fundamental shapes of drawing. They practice first by copying simple line drawings and then by drawing maps. These fun-filled three days offer a preview of the upcoming cycle of memory work in the Foundations program.
Academic Camp $35
for 9–12 years. 
This year we will have Trig Trainer Camp. 

Children's camp spots are limited, so we recommend registering early.  
To register adults or children, go HERE!

Product DetailsRegister one parent for Practicum and at least one child in a practicum camp and receive Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of your Child FREE! I'm told that this book is written in the style of C.S. Lewis' Screwtape Letters. Your free book will be waiting for you at the Practicum Bookstore when you arrive!  Read a review on Amazon.

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